Maritime Anti-Corruption Network in Ukraine

The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN)

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Maritime Anti-Corruption Network in Ukraine

MACN identified systemic corruption in Ukrainian ports and shipping companies in Ukraine face frequent challenges in connection to documentation inspection and onboard practices. In recent years, Ukraine has made great efforts to tackle corruption on the regulatory side. However, the regulatory framework in the maritime sector is not sufficiently enforced and therefore companies continue to face corrupt demands.

MACN has developed a collective action in Ukraine with funding from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Danida) and has established a local Help Desk to empower the private sector to say no to corruption, support frontline staff and reduce delays in ports. MACN has also strengthened dialogue between the maritime private sector and the public sector in Ukraine on integrity challenges. For this, MACN has engaged a number of stakeholders including the Ukrainian Sea Port Authority, the Maritime Chamber of Ukraine, the Minister of Energy and Environment Protection and the Minister of infrastructure.

MACN also aim to promote regulatory reforms and updates to operational guides for the private sector, and has developed a handbook on challenges and potential solution for seaports, in collaboration with the European Business Association. This will increase awareness of integrity challenges and help improve the operating environment in Ukraine.

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