Maritime Anti-Corruption Network Argentina

The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN)

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Maritime Anti-Corruption Network Argentina

In 2014, MACN recognized through its anonymous incident reporting mechanism frequent recurring reports of large cash demands in connection with the inspections of holds and tanks, customs declarations, and on-board inspection practices in Argentina. Illegal demands were estimated at around US $30 million per year effectively making it difficult for a company to conduct clean business without facing delays or unfounded “fees. MACN and Bruchou conducted a fact-finding mission to fully understand the nature of the problem before building a strong coalition of local and global stakeholders.

Together, this coalition developed and agreed on key principles for a new governance framework that would improve operating practices and the integrity of the vessel inspection process. After three years of public-private Collective Action efforts, a modernizing, integrity-driven regulatory reform was adopted in 2017 by Argentina’s phytosanitary control authority (SENASA).

After the regulatory change, MACN trained public and private surveyors, port agents, and other industry players, and led a coalition of industry stakeholders to monitor the implementation of the system, preventing and reacting to incidents, and cooperating with the Government in further regulatory enhancements. After 2017, MACN has seen a 90 percent drop in incidents in the ports covered in the project. There has also been a dramatic decrease in cash demands and this has been maintained over time. MACN continues to engage private sector partners and maintains the collective action initiative through a multi-stakeholder approach in coordination with authorities, local and international industry players.

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