Integrity Pacts in Romania - Country Overview

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Integrity Pacts in Romania - Country Overview

Romania’s National Anti-Corruption Strategy 2016–2020 includes the goal of increasing transparency and reducing the risk of corruption in public procurement. One specific action the government pledges to undertake to this end is to pilot integrity pacts to oversee public procurement within two public contracting authorities (Objective 3.6.3).

In the context of the Integrity Pacts – Safeguarding EU Funds Programme, Romania has implemented Integrity Pacts in the context of four projects (see links below):

  • Electronic Catalogue (National electronic platform for e-education) by the Ministry of National Education
  • Enhancing Coverage and Inclusiveness of the Property Registration System in Rural Romania, by the National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration
  • Digital Library of Romania by the Ministry of Culture and National Identity
  • Service contracts financed under Priority Axis 3 “Technical Assistance” of the Operation Programme on Administrative Capacity, by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration

TI-Romania has been advocating with the Romanian National Agency for Public Procurement to promote a memorandum standardising how to implement Integrity Pacts. The aim is to capitalise on the pilot Integrity Pacts and contribute to the National Anti-Corruption Strategy objective of increasing transparency and reducing corruption risks in public procurement.

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