Tax Transparency and Corruption

Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU)

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Tax Transparency and Corruption

The project aims to change the dynamics of the interaction between business and tax administrations and to deepen the cooperation between tax authorities and other law enforcement agencies in countering tax evasion and other financial crimes. The project would promote the concepts of good tax governance and the importance of a transparent tax system for economic development and how law enforcement agencies and tax authorities can cooperate to counter the misuse of beneficial ownership and client/attorney privileges to counter evasion and money laundering.

The project will be developed with the view of attaining the following objectives:

  • Identifying and mobilizing stakeholders in national tax administrations and private sectors and setting out a research agenda;
  • Drafting model national tax legislation and international tax agreements with an aim of strengthening country specific anti-avoidance rules, improving the effectiveness of the tax administrations to get access to information and fostering better cooperation between tax authorities and Multi-National Enterprises (MNEs).
  • Creating a network of “ambassadors” of key institutions in Africa who will be able to disseminate and promote the outcomes from the project.

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