Leveling the playing field with Turkish Integrity Center of Excellence – TICE Phase I & II

Etik ve Itibar Dernegi (TEID)

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Leveling the playing field with Turkish Integrity Center of Excellence – TICE Phase I & II

Since 2014, the Turkish Integrity Center of Excellence (TICE) has been working on elevating the awareness on the corruption effects and developing tools to combat it in the private sector while also setting an example for public sector with its content development and capacity building activities. With this project, TICE aims now to take its efforts to the next level and elevate the integrity risk management abilities of local companies to match the high “extended enterprise integrity risk management” standards of multinational companies.

TICE will contribute with two specific objectives:

  • Provide practical solutions that transform companies’ intent into impact by leveraging behavioural and institutional dimensions of integrity to therefore be in better accord with the extended enterprise integrity risk management priorities of multi-national companies (MNCs).
  • Develop Collective Action to disseminate and incentivise standardised sustainable and responsible business conduct by building alliances against corruption.

TICE’s priority is to reach out to local companies in selected sectors and cities. Large companies and MNCs operating in Turkey will play a leveraging role to help their supplier small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to establish their own anti-corruption compliance programme.

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