Integrity Pacts in Malaysia - Country Overview

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Integrity Pacts in Malaysia - Country Overview

The Government of Malaysia introduced a guideline for Integrity Pact implementation in public procurements in 2010. This has been promoted by the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission since then. The latest National Anti-Corruption Plan (2019 – 2023) continues to endorse the use of Integrity Pacts to meet the objective of strengthening the Malaysian Public Procurement Framework. The Malaysian IPs include obligations on the part of procurement authorities and bidders with respect to integrity and anti-corruption commitments, as well as sanctions for non-compliance, but do not establish particular monitoring oversight systems.

TI-Malaysia has been instrumental in promoting the use of IPs and supporting the Malaysian government at the national and regional levels, as well as Malaysian state-owned enterprises, for implementing IPs. From 2010 – 2012, TI-Malaysia estimated that IPs had been used in more than 142,268 tenders for government contracts. Numerous state-owned enterprise IP commitments and models of IPs can be found online in English.

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