GEAR UP to fight corruption

International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA)

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GEAR UP to fight corruption

IACA will train and educate participants in its academic degree programmes, Summer Academy trainings at IACA, Regional Summer Academy (RSA) and Regional Alumni Conference. Students and participants will be provided with a neutral platform for learning with innovative curricula in a unique, international, interdisciplinary, and inter-sectoral setting.

Educational activities during academic studies, trainings as well as the RSA and Regional Alumni Conference, will include practic- oriented techniques which will drive incremental change and impact, including compliance and AC labs, panels and roundtable debates, field trips, ethical dilemma trainings, simulation games, industry specific assessments, and Collective Action workshops. World class practitioners and academics will be involved. The RSA and the Regional Alumni Conference will be organised in parallel in Africa.

These two activities will contribute to increasing anti-corruption and Collective Action initiatives in the region as well as to growing and strengthening the existing alumni network.

The impact-driven academic activities will be used together with incentives, and follow-up or monitoring mechanisms. The ultimate goal of the Project is to put theory and knowledge into practice with real impact.

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