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Open Ownership

OpenOwnership's central goal is to build an open Global Beneficial Ownership Register which will serve as an authoritative source of data about who owns companies, for the benefit of all.

OpenOwnership will collect and link together beneficial ownership data sets from across the world as well as self-disclosed corporate data to enable companies and investors to more easily see who they are really doing business with. It will provide an opportunity for companies to distinguish themselves as leaders in transparency and openness by disclosing their own ownership on the platform.

As an authoritative source of data about who owns and controls companies, it will benefit many stakeholders but importantly business. The Global Register will be a tool for business to:

  • better vet prospective partners, clients or suppliers;
  • use data to enhance due diligence and manage risk exposure
  • build trust with partners, clients and suppliers by demonstrating business transparency and positioning themselves as a socially responsible business.

This information is gathered from open-source data and in some cases has been provided by initiative facilitators. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information and do not take responsibility for decisions made on the basis of it. Please inform us of any errors by emailing us.



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